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Great brands generate great press. Read about Wick & Mortar, our work with clients, and hear from our founder as we talk about the past, present, and future of cannabis. A collection of articles from Forbes to Leafly and everything in between.


Hear from Wick & Mortar and other industry leaders as we discuss tips, tricks, and tactics on how to build a company for the cannabis market of today and tomorrow. From brand identity to emerging legalization, read a wide array of interviews and articles that will enhance your marketing and branding.


Whether we are hosting, speaking, or attending, Wick & Mortar is present at nearly every major event in cannabis. Read about our mixers, hear from out keynote speeches, or read our summaries of the events that are shaping the future of cannabis, and what they mean for you.


The journey within cannabis is as much about documenting as it is creating. At heart, we are storytellers, and you can follow along our journey with us. Whether it is a Wick & Mortar Docuseries, a one-on-one interview, or music videos we made for up and coming bands, you can watch what the Wick & Mortar team is up to and stay up to date on the latest in the industry.


The culture of cannabis remains unrefined and exists outside of company norms. Read about culture inside Wick & Mortar and some of the largest global cannabis brands out there as they exist today, tomorrow, and what they plan for the future. Will cannabis culture be adopted into the business world, or will the traditional corporate culture consume the unique space that is the cannabis world?