World’s Best Weed: Humboldt Specific Cannabis Strains

One thing we learned when filming our documentary short A Humboldt Story is that Humboldt, California is an ideal habitat to grow cannabis. Through our conversations with local cultivators and firsthand experience of the rich soil, coastal climates, and misty fog, we were lucky to find ourselves in this special setting.

Humboldt County participates in the CalOrigin track and trace label program. This program ensures the products abide by California cannabis laws. According to their website, this program protects anyone who interacts with cannabis in California, “whether you’re a farmer, a distributor, or a consumer.” The Humboldt County logo is a seal of approval. It signals to potential buyers that they are buying quality products from a designated California cannabis appellate—or, the name of a geographical location that a grower is authorized to identify and market their product as coming from.

The Humboldt appellate is a vibrant community. It’s full of engaged and environmentally friendly farmers who have worked the land for generations. The proof is in the strains. Humboldt produces some of the best California strains, and possibly the best strains of all time. Below, we share five of those strains.

Top Five Humboldt Specific Cannabis Strains


Banana Split

This sativa dominant hybrid from Above Cannabis promises brains and bliss. The strain has notes of lemon, citrus, and pine and promises stimulation and happiness among its effects. Above Cannabis earns bonus points for using 100% biodegradable packaging and never using trim in their pre-rolls.

Blackberry Fire

Another fruity entry on the list, this indica dominant hybrid from women owned and operated Chronic Creek combines Blackberry Kush with Fire Lady for an interesting combination of berry and diesel notes. Blackberry Fire won 2nd Place at the HempCon Cup Awards in 2016. The color of the plant itself is a deep purple that’s so fragrant you’ll wish you could go berry picking.

Blueberry Muffin 10

This tasty treat featuring caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene terpenes comes from Casa Humboldt. Casa Humboldt tells the story of this 2017 and 2018 Emerald Cup winning cannabis strain on their site. “Blueberry Muffin No. 10 is one of Humboldt Seed Company’s favorite creations and was gifted exclusively to HENDRX by the Humboldt Seed Company in March of 2017. HENDRX then distributed the famed cut to farms across California from their premium Humboldt County nursery, including Casa Humboldt.” Cheers to friends helping friends. Available again this year as part of the Blood Moon Reserve, it stands to continue its streak as one of the best cannabis strains of 2019.

Purple Panty Dropper

Before there was Blueberry Muffins, there was the Purple Panty Dropper. Humboldt Seed Company describes its original strain as, “moderately dense, with a sweet, floral, almost concord grape-like scent and aphrodisiac smoke.” They not only gifted the seeds that won Casa Humboldt a spot on the 2018 Emerald Cup sungrown flowers winners’ list, they also won the same year for their Magic Melon seeds, which unfortunately are not currently available for the at-home grower. Of the many varieties that Humboldt Seed sells, Purple Panty Dropper remains a classic.

Sour Diesel

Aloha Humboldt partnered with Nasha Extracts to make a hash infused sour diesel preroll. The estate family farm believes in sunkissed cannabis. They achieve this through sustainable farming techniques including making healthy soil with organic compost tea fertilizer. Their craft farming shows in this sativa-dominant strain with a pungent odor, high potency, and cerebral effects.

Humboldt County is known for its plants, from towering Redwoods to verdant cannabis fields. It’s a name any cannabis connoisseur should know. Humboldt cannabis is considered some of the finest in the world. Much like Napa Valley grape growers, Humboldt County farmers appreciate and make good use of their region’s terroir. That is, all the environmental factors, from soil to climate, that affect the crop, whether wine or cannabis. As a result, this understanding of the land helps make for some of the best cannabis strains you’ll ever try.

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Kait Heacock

Kait Heacock is a writer living in Seattle. Her nonfiction has appeared in Crab Creek Review, DAME, Largehearted Boy, Literary Hub, The Millions, The Women’s Review of Books, and The Washington Post. Her debut short story collection, Siblings and Other Disappointments, is available now. She smokes sativa and dances to Sleater-Kinney records before sitting down to write.