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8 Cannabis Blogs You Need In Your Life

How much should I consume my first time? What are the best cannabis gifts? How do I talk to my parents about cannabis? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite cannabis blogs to aid you in finding the answers you’re looking for. As you tap into these resources, remember to engage with our community. A common value for any exceptional cannabis content creator is to connect with and impact the community.

For the Foodies and the DIY at Home Edible Cook (The Cannabis-Infused Food Blog)

For cannabis-infused foods: try out Sous Weed Like many great cannabis creators and curators, Sous Weed’s inspiration was born out of injury. Sous Weed’s creator, Monica Lo, herniated a disc and was in search of a holistic pain management option. That’s when she decided to take her professional skills into the cannabis space. Monica utilized her knowledge of the Sous-vide cooking method to infuse foods with cannabis. Now, her creative team works together to produce curated recipes and content to encourage at-home edible creations. In their words “When you do-it-yourself, you have the freedom to dose your own snacks and meals to your personal preference”. Want to check out a recent recipe? Try your hand at the Cannabis-Infused Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark.

All Our Bits Are Accounted For

Enter Foria’s blog content focused on the relationship between cannabis, sex, and reproductive health. Foria is a brand that produces cannabis-infused sensual lubricants and suppository products, but their forward approach to sexual health and wellness education through their blog content is what really won us over. With blog topics like “Menopause: Cannabinoids & Sexual Health”, “Cannabinoids & Your Vagina: the Science of Pleasure & Relief”, and “Wellness Tips for Breast Health”, the site is leading the brave feminist charge (yes, this includes men) to encourage paying mindful attention to our cannabinoid-fueled sexual health regimen. One reason we value and trust this blog is its focus on credible sources of cannabis science and medicine. Keep a lookout for more science-based content coming from this blog as they take part in researching the effectiveness of their cannabis-infused sexual health products. Honorable mention in this category goes to the Cannasexual herself,  Ashley Manta. Although she doesn’t post on her blog frequently, catch her all over the U.S. at in-person cannabis education events.

Great Blogs for Women’s Topics and Profiles of Women in Cannabis

For relatable stories, experiences, and fashion, head to the High Herstory Blog. Take a peek at the anonymous, and wonderfully written, Consumption Diary 101 blog post. They discuss the need to utilize hemp as a fabric in our fashion choices and have highlighted some brands trying to do just that. The NYC-based women-led creative production company focuses on female-driven stories with historical musings, coupled with nuances of the Me Too movement in films winning some prestigious awards.

Her Canna Life: Women in Cannabis is a blog that dives into the individual stories of women taking part in and forming the legal cannabis industry through their ideas and contributions in business. In their own words, “Her Canna Life features the pioneers, the movers and shakers, the products and services, the events and the happenings – with women at the helm”. The blog features strong and daring women like the one leading the first cannabis club student group at UCLA, the activists leading NORML chapters fighting for new legislation, and the women paving the way in ancillary products and goods like that of KushKards – the Hallmark of cannabis greeting cards. Each one has a unique and inspiring story of how they started their careers in the cannabis industry.

You want great blogs focused on Cannabis 101?

Check out Leafly: Cannabis 101 If you are looking for a smorgasbord of information on cannabis and all the ways to inhale it, transport it, cook with it, you name it – this is the place to go.

Leafly has made a name for itself by answering the many possible questions the public has about cannabis. Leafly covers topics for cannabis consumers at any stage in their journey. Leafly seems to understand that for some of us, fears may hold us back from seeking out new information, thankfully they’ve solved our problem with blog posts like “Know Zero Things About Dabbing and Don’t Want to Ask? This is for You”.

If you are looking to dive into niche cannabis sub-topics on a more serious level, with the option to receive a certificate – look to Green Flower Media. The goal of this giant library of video and written content is to educate those entering and participating in the cannabis industry, as well as to inform the consumer on all aspects of utilizing it. With topics in law, business, science, medical, cultivation, and patient care, Green Flower Media has positioned itself strategically alongside some of the world’s most notable cannabis business owners and certified professionals to create content touching all corners of the cannabis industry and supply chain. Attend a professional summit, visit the blog for newsworthy topics on legalization across the U.S., or tune into a video series to stay up to date on science and business trends. 

Are you Looking to Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Travel Itinerary?

The Colorado Pot Guide is a helpful and informative guide to cannabis in and outside of the State of Colorado. Through helpful categories such as “420 Friendly Lodging”, “Dispensary Locator” and “Discover Deals”, and with blog topics covering things to do, they create a handy resource for Colorado tourists and locals alike.

Traveling out of Colorado state?

They’ve compiled state-specific information on a helpful map with links to additional sites for reference. Need advice on what strain to try while in the city? Choose from one of the 352 strain profiles on the site with 5 categories of peer-review ratings and detailed information on flavors, aroma, qualities, and more. This site is a fantastic guide to a leading state in cannabis normalization. We hope states from around the U.S. catch onto the helpful guide and create their own.

Great blog for Cannabis Lifestyle & Culture

Vice is rooted in the culture of today’s political scene, art, and sports cultures, and is on top of new trends across the cannabis scene. Never afraid to tell it like it is, Vice steers headfirst into dicey and sometimes touchy topics like “Four People Tell Us How Quitting Weed Changed Their Lives”, “Why Some Meth and DMT Users Are Using Vapes”, and “California’s Illegal Weed Industry Is Doing Better Than Ever”. Vice is the go-to for fringe culture and commentary.

Learning about cannabis is part consuming content and part jumping in head-first. The only way to learn is to seek out information and learn from those around us while being unafraid of the journey of our own experimentation.

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