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Re-Branding Cannabis 05 – Bongzilla & Jerome Baker

Re-branding Cannabis 05 – Bongzilla & Jerome Baker

Jason Harris, creator & founder of Jerome Baker Designs, is one of the most recognized names in the glass blowing culture. The ‘Jerome Baker’ name is actually a pseudonym that stemmed from an inside joke among friends. ‘Jerome’ comes from great Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, and ‘Baker’… well, that one’s pretty obvious.

There is no denying that the legendary Jason Harris is a true pioneer in the world of glass blowing. An apprentice of Bob Snodgrass – the genius thought to have invented color-changing glass – Jason Harris has clearly learned from the best.

Along with many other prominent glass blowers and artists, Jason Harris was a victim of what was called ‘Operation Pipe Dreams’, a nationwide raid on the glass industry. Unlike the famous Tommy Chong, of Cheech & Chong, Harris managed to avoid spending any time in jail.

In the end, the mass bust caused a whirlwind of controversy. At the same time, however, it also contributed to the growth of the glass pipe and bong industry. Interest grew in pipe making, and the glass-blowing movement evolved into an unconventional, innovative form of art. Things have sure come a long way since the early days of Bob Snodgrass and Jason Harris making pipes in the back of a van.

We were fortunate enough to have Jason Harris take part in an interview, exclusively for Wick & Mortar, in which we gain an interesting insight into the life of a world-class glass-blower.

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