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When one of Washington state’s oldest cannabis brands came to us for a complete rebrand and innovative packaging, we knew we were the ones for the job. Not only because Washington is our home turf, but because ZoZ’s mission to push the cannabis industry forward perfectly aligns with ours. We took their established, universal, resilient, and highly engaged ethos and brought it into the modern world with a fresh name, logo, strategy, and packaging. 

Because of the care and social responsibility ZoZ embodies, we knew the cannabis packaging we designed needed to be sleek, functional, and sustainable. In fact, the packaging system we created for them is used as an example in ZoZ’s petition to the state for an unprecedented cannabis recycling program. We are happy to note that it’s been selling out ever since this new branding and packaging hit dispensary shelves.

ZoZ is an excellent example of the potential a rebrand can hold. This project also perfectly exemplifies that sustainability and packaging compliance need not hinder creativity or beautiful solutions.


  • Environmental Graphics
  • Packaging Production
  • Package Design
  • Strategy
  • Branding
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