Project Overview

Every company has a defining principle at its core, something that shapes them from the ground up. At Spoil’d, they learned over the years that our innovative craftsmanship is at the heart of everything they have done and everything they will do. It’s not just about being good at something, it’s about fully understanding every aspect of it and using that knowledge to take it to the next level. Cannabis isn’t just about recreation; it’s about an experience that changes yourself and the world around you. It’s about knowing how to spoil yourself because, the truth is, everyone deserves to be Spoil’d.


Wick & Mortar worked with Spoil’d to develop their identity system, packaging, website and everything under the sun. Pun intended.


  • logo
  • web design
  • marketing
  • packaging

Since 2001, we have helped cannabis brands
grow. win. succeed. dominate. crush it. collaborate. thrive.

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