The Wick & Mortar Gift Guide Top Five

Can’t get enough of our holiday gift guide products? Neither can we. Join us for a deep dive as we look at five of our favorite products from this year’s lineup. From tinctures, to accessories, we’ve got you covered with last-minute gift ideas for all the cannabis consumers in your life. Buy one or buy all. Think of it as a purchasing entourage effect: They’re great separately, but even better if you buy them all together.


The men in your lives who care about style and substance want a smoking accessory that looks good enough to hang as wall art. The walnut ashtray is a thoughtful gift for the kind of smoker who reads Jack London and goes to ax-throwing bars. Part of Huxton’s Cold Weather Collection, it’s crafted from a single piece of walnut and finished with tung oil. The phrase “Enjoy Proudly” reminds users to stop and take a reflective moment before inhaling. Maybe your mountain man can’t enjoy his herb in the company of nature, but with his walnut ashtray, he can bring the woods indoors, where it’s much warmer anyway.

Rosebud CBD

This one is for anyone on your gift list who hasn’t tried cannabis yet and wants to in a non-threatening way. Give this to the canna-curious, those interested in holistic health and remedies you can’t buy at a pharmacy. Rosebud CBD founder Alexis Rosenbaum was skeptical of cannabis herself before trying it and realizing its nourishing qualities. Rosebud products are full-spectrum CBD oils that are free of solvents, pesticides, and other additives. In addition, the .5 ounce tincture bottles come with droppers for easy dosing in 350mg, 700mg, and 1000mg of CBD. Whether you drop it on your tongue or into your morning coffee, Rosebud oil is an easy way for people to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

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Stash Bag + Cannabolish = Perfect pair

Combine Stash Bag with Cannabolish for the perfect gift set for the cannabis consumer in your life who wants to be discreet and respectful of others. Leave the Ziploc bags back in your younger days, fellas. From your boyfriend to best friend to brother, every considerate smoker needs a proper storage system for their cannabis. Furthermore, if you can find one that combines odor protection and is perfect for traveling, even better. The Original Stash Bag comes in an array of colors, including camo and hot pink. The nylon container has a lining that holds in all the smells until you’re ready to unzip and rip. The Cannabolish set comes with an odor ridding candle, home, and travel spray. Let’s all make a New Year’s resolution to properly store our stash and prevent our homes from smelling stale.

My Bud Vase

This one is for your cool aunt. Artist Doreen Sullivan crafts one-of-a-kind vases that are sneakily multi-purpose: Besides being beautiful decorations for your home, the vases are fully functional bongs. In reality, each Bud Vase is a work of art that doubles as your new favorite smoking accessory. Made from glass or ceramic, each vase is stylish and made for the cannabis consumer in your life. The Bud Vase packs an intense high without looking like a stereotypical stoner or else having to hide their goods. Many are made from traditional vases, and others from vintage decanters or water pitchers, which blend in beautifully with barware. The styles range from Southwest chic (the “Coyote”) to Mad Men mid-century (the “Eden”) to a simple and sophisticated ladies who lunch (the “Ava”). There’s one for every woman in your life who wants to add a little elegance to her smoking rituals.

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Who on your list wouldn’t love to receive not one but three presents throughout the year? If you sign up your friend (or yourself!) now, you’ll receive a discounted one-year membership to Canndora and three specially curated boxes of goodies shipped in time for the holidays, and then again in the spring and summer. The holiday High Spirits box is filled with festive goodies: a Girl Power Stash Tin, the Genius Pipe, Mood & Co.’s Indica-ndle, and the SHINE 24K Gold Blunt.

Happy shopping, and don’t forget to download your copy of the Wick & Mortar gift guide today!

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