Turkey and Terpenes: Which Buds to Smoke with your Bird

There are chefs who use inventive ways to incorporate terpenes into recipes, culinary experts who pair turkey and terpenes, and educational interactive dining experiences curated to engage and educate audiences on terpene profiles. As the depth of terpene knowledge increases, the opportunity for creativity is limitless. Whether you’re just beginning to understand things like the Entourage Effect, or just want to get through the holiday, terpenes can help.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes secrete oils that give plants distinct flavors and smells; they protect plants from bacteria, external stressors, insects, and fungus. Found in plants like rosemary, basil, mint, and mangoes, they can be altered by factors such as fertilizer, weather, and more. Because of this, cannabis strains can have various terpene profiles and can be enhanced for the ultimate Entourage Effect when combined with THC and CBD.

Turkey and Terpenes: Which Buds to Smoke with your Bird, cannabis terpenes

When you start to learn about the many different compounds in cannabis, exciting possibilities abound. There are over 100 terpenes in cannabis, and most of them have an inherent earthy smell and herbaceous flavor. What better time of year than Thanksgiving dinner to explore how cannabis consumption can enhance your aunt’s famous fruit salad? Here are a few of our favorite terpenes to pair with sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.


Limonene is one of the most well-known terpenes in cannabis because of its signature citrusy scent and uplifting effects. Naturally occurring in fruit rinds, Limonene is said to help reduce stress, alleviate heartburn, and boost users mood. Its fruity notes and cerebral high make Limonene loaded strains like Super Lemon Haze and Jack Herer perfect for pairing with triple berry pies and after dinner drinks.


The dishes are done, your in-laws have left, it’s time to load a fat bowl of Lavender Haze and let the Linalool relax your body and ease your mind. Linalool can be found naturally in over two hundred plants and is known to have a calm, relaxing effect when ingested or inhaled making strains high in Linalool a superb companion to leftovers, your favorite blanket, and a nature documentary on Netflix. 


Did you know that strains high in caryophyllene may help you say no to that third glass of champagne? Studies have shown that cannabis containing Caryophyllene activate your CB2 receptors which in turn reduces your desire to drink. The peppery scent and bold flavor can be overwhelming, we suggest pairing Caryophyllene with warm apple cider, turkey, and stuffing.Turkey and Terpenes: Which Buds to Smoke with your Bird, cannabis terpenes, marijuana terpenes


Pinene is known to help relieve paranoia, increase energy, and improve mental focus, making strains such as Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough ideal for social gatherings of all sizes. The earthy pine aroma and smooth smoke blend well with savory sauces, green beans, and mashed potatoes.


Tried-and-true, Terpinolene’s found in legendary strains Jack Herer and Pineapple Kush. With many potential health benefits, Terpinolene is antifungal, high in antioxidants, and mildly sedative. After smoking strains high in Terpinolene users often report feeling calm yet alert, making it the terpene for doing things. The fresh floral scent and piney flavor pair well with early morning coffee, breakfast in bed, and after dinner aperitifs.

The Benefits of Vaping

Consuming cannabis with a vape allows for the maximum benefit of terpenes without combustion making it easier to taste the terpenes. Much like wine, when you discover the notes in your bud, you can use terpenes to enhance a meal or drink. Whichever way you chose to consume, it is beneficial to learn about terpenes. Understanding how to maximize such a powerful plant can help the overall experience, no matter what the intended benefit. 

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