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Creative 2019 Packaging Design Inspiration

Not all design has to be boring, simple, or vacuum wrapped in plastic. In fact, consumers often reward brands for their ingenious packaging design. How? With their cold hard cash. Who wants to buy something boring when they can be entertained or show off their new swag?  We’ve put together a list of creative packaging design inspiration for your company’s next product launch.

2019 Packaging Design Inspiration

1. Adorable Cupcake Box
Nothing says presentation like a miniature model of how the product is made. Creativity goes a long way when you target your niche. Complete with pastel colors, these adorable little gift boxes will draw squeals from children and “d’awww”’s from men and women alike.


2. Bearded Box for IF Bags
IF Bags feature rope draw-strings and straps that can be swapped out for new styles or colors whenever your heart desires. These quirky packages utilize cutouts to reveal the colorful rope options which contribute to the artwork, allowing the product to do the talking. Whether you call it hipster or not, we think they’re pretty creative.


3. Lowell Smokes Pre-roll Pack
When form meets function, everyone wins. Lowell Smokes creative packaging not only looks sleek and beautiful, but it comes with specially fitted compartments for pre-rolls, matches, and a strike strip. With clean typography and great use of white space, the packaging is clean yet eye-catching. Does it get much better than this?


4. Noble Rey Brewing Co. Cans
Let’s just admit it, Mom, it’s kind of fun to play with your food. These fun and funky cans feature the top and bottom half of artistic characters you’ll want to mix and match. Each character corresponds with the style of brew, leaving a memorable and lasting impression on the consumer. Playful packaging graphics are a 2019 packaging trend you should keep an eye on!


5. Trident Gum Packaging
Why not have fun with your packaging if it can be designed to highlight the product and showcase a fun spin on it’s intended use? Not only is this design borderline genius, it touches on a key selling point – the consumer’s desire to interact with the product. Creative packaging can lead to free marketing opportunities by encouraging your consumer to take pictures or post on social media posing with your product. There’s nothin’ like free advertising.


6. City Harvest Reusable Bags
There’s something extra great about packaging that’s sustainable, reusable, has a creative design, and contributes to a good cause. In this instance, the City Harvest reusable bags are a way for people to give back to the community through their purchase to help feed those in need and get a cool reusable bag in the meantime. This creative design reminds us that “you are what you eat”, but also some… aren’t eating. Keep an eye out for more social-impact focused packaging, as it is on the rise in 2019.


When it comes down to it, creativity is at the root of the best design inspirations of 2019. Whether you use the product as part of the design, showcase fun and funky art to grab attention, or create sleek and functional packaging, you’ll be on the right track to utilize this year’s design trends.

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