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OMD’s newest strategic partnership with SMG.

Online Marijuana Design is proud to announce it’s newest partnership with Stoned Media Group. Stoned Media Group encompasses every aspect of cannabis culture. Whether you are looking for viral videos, legalization news, financial updates, celebrity endorsements, trending stories, or just really attractive women who love to smoke weed, their portfolio of brands has it covered. Currently, Stoned Media Group consists of Stoned Girls, Naked Weed Report, Stoned Tube, High Finance Report, and Stoned Insider. Stoned Girls was the first of the SMG brands, launching in September of 2014. It features both original and engaging written and video content, as well as branded galleries of beautiful women smoking marijuana in various states of undress. Next came Naked Weed Report, a playful weekly web series focused on what’s going on in cannabis culture and industry, all brought to you by- you guessed it- naked women. High Finance Report is Stoned Media Group’s business-focused brand, as it takes a very serious look at cannabis finance, emerging technology, and investments. Stoned Tube is a one-stop shop for everything video and marijuana-related, and finally, Stoned Insider takes an inside look at cannabis culture and legalization. Stoned Media Group is ever expanding as well, and is slated to launch a few more brands by the end of this year.

Because the staff at Stoned Media Group are not only experts at cannabis culture but also content production, they are able to offer a wide variety of original content across their brands. From tailored weekly Naked Weed Report segments to custom video and written product reviews, to targeted banner advertisements, to company profiles, Stoned Media Group has the ability to drive their impressive traffic to a number of websites, including adult, cannabis, and business focused. On top of all that, SMG has over one million followers across its social media platforms, and their reach extends well beyond that due to strategic partnerships they have in place. And, depending on the look and feel of the advertisers, they are able to recommend which of their brands would partner best.

Although the cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States right now, it is still a relatively small community.  Stoned Media Group is incredibly proud to say that they have established themselves as a flagship brand in this small community, and is the third largest cannabis website in the US right now.  Sticking together in this small community is so important, and utilizing a company like Stoned Media Group is the way to go.  Their place in the cannabis realm will not only drive targeted traffic to your website but partnering with them lends credibility to your brand, not only amongst consumers but also other companies.  

While most people not actively involved in the cannabis industry assume that the demographics of it are typical “stoners”, those of us who work with marijuana daily know that is not the case.  Stoned Media knows that better than anyone, and that is the reason for their diversified portfolio of brands.  While both Stoned Girls and Naked Weed Report cater to young, millennial men and women, Stoned Insider’s demographics trend toward a slightly older, more mature and wealthy audience.  On top of that, while High Finance Report’s viewers still include the aforementioned groups, it also attracts a lot of cannabis business professionals looking to stay abreast of what is going on in their industry.  Stoned Media Group understands that this culture is diverse, and their portfolio of brands reflects that.

Once again, OMD is delighted to announce it’s new partnership with Stoned Media Group and believes that through their diversified brands and cannabis expertise, they can bring a brand new audience and market to the emerging cannabis business sector.  While we all know it’s going to be a great day in five years when the cannabis industry is worth 40 billion dollars, we also know how important it is now to establish a name and brand while the industry is still growing.  OMD is confident that with Stoned Media Group, this will never be a problem.

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