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Cannabis Cuties For Advertising: Yay Or Nay?

Marijuana. Weed. Bud. Herb.

Those of you avid Cannabis consumers know that this list of “pot” terminology could go on and on. Just as the lengthy list of synonyms varies, so do the types and kinds of people who partake in the benefits of the plant. You’ve got your middle-aged, hard working man, who just likes a few puffs before bed – the college student who tends to couple their joint with a can of PBR – the elderly cancer patient who often ingests 420 candies to relieve the pain – you name it…just about anyone smokes or eats Cannabis these days!

As the legalization of recreational Cannabis grows, so do the entrepreneurs in the industry. One thing that any successful business owner knows to invest in (besides the quality of their product) is advertising. The more that a product or brand is shoved down America’s throat…the more likely the business will flourish. Cough, iPhone, cough.


Now, what is the one thing that we all know effectively sells most often?


“Sex Sells.”

Or does it…


While first discussing the “sex sells” method

in regards to advertising in the Cannabis industry, my immediate opinion was “Absolutely!” Hell, cigarettes, beer and just about ANY other product market you can think of, from shoes to cars to phones, have been utilizing good-looking women to help encourage sales for years. Why should the Cannabis marketplace be any different?

However, I had to back up my enthusiasm and consider the other 420 friendly folks.

While we’re considering types of Cannabis consumers, I’ll go ahead and say, I’m what they call a “functioning stoner.” I don’t need Marijuana to curb any pain (although it does come in handy for the occasional stomach ache), but I also don’t abuse the plant so much so that I have no drive or ambition to get up off the couch. So my opinion on using sex to sell Cannabis and other THC products is the opinion of someone who has been pro-recreational use for years.

For those who are still warming up to the idea of even medical Cannabis, let alone recreational Marijuana use, adding in a dose of “busty babe” to the flyer or commercial doesn’t exactly work towards relieving the plant of its negative connotations. I even know a few people who are extremely pro-medical use who are also largely against recreational use because they feel that the plant needs to remain a medication. You wouldn’t see Tylenol being advertised by a bikini model…

There is a very broad spectrum of opinions regarding Cannabis and its uses, so how smart is it to introduce “sleaze” into advertising? Who will love it? Who will hate it?

Well, here at Online Marijuana Design, we were just too curious not to find out! We decided that if any company was going to take the plunge, it should be us. Our opinion, collectively being: If it is done right, in a non-trashy or raunchy way, the results could be quite positive. After all, having a pretty face and a cute frame present to the product does not affect the integrity of the product, but depending on how these assets are presented, could decide your fate.

So at OMD, we decided to go “Retro, Pin-Up, Sexy”; we wanted to construct beauty and creativity in the eyes of both new and old Cannabis connoisseurs.

Let us know how we did!

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