Use Virtual Reality to Visit Your Favorite Cannabis Dispensary & Glass Shop

On April 1, 2017, we filmed a virtual reality tour of the Clear Choice Cannabis recreational dispensary in Tacoma, Washington. Jared Mirsky, Online Marijuana Design’s founder, and CEO is seen walking out of his car, handing an employee his ID, and entering the shop. While browsing through the store, Jared looks at a couple of bongs and other products. An employee then hands, Mr. Mirsky a Dopen cannabis oil vaporizer before he grabs some Top Shelf cannabis.

Mr. Mirsky states that virtual reality tours will provide a highly engaged immersive experience for users from the comfort of their own sofa or other location. Online Marijuana Design’s ultimate objective is to help eliminate the stigma placed on cannabis dispensaries by providing these virtual tours.

Virtual Reality being as that it’s so new and relevant, makes for a great experiential marketing tool for retailers/dispensaries,” Mr. Mirsky said. “If dispensaries market this properly it can result in a lot of foot traffic and additional sales.

We are also setting up kiosks with virtual reality headsets at retail stores, so consumers can experience ten different virtual reality tours of cannabis farms. This makes for a great vendor day. It will help increase sales, brand recognition, brand awareness, and social responsibility, which is the second largest brand trend according to Edelman’s 2017 trend report.

Clear Choice Cannabis Dispensary 360 Virtual Reality Tour

Mad Dabler 360 Virtual Reality Tour

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