7+ Core Assets You Need in Your Media Kit

Whether you’re a brand, dispensary or service provider in the cannabis industry – You most likely are in need of a media kit. You may be looking to get your products on the shelves, gain media coverage, or capture the attention of potential investors. Either way, your media kit, a multi-page document, needs to give an authentic and complete view of your business and what value you offer. Below, we’re going to highlight 7 core components you need to include in your media kit to achieve your goals.

7+ Core Assets You Need in Your Media Kit

1. An Introduction

Aside from the table of contents you may wish to include, your introduction is your first impression – It’s important. It needs to deliver what you do and who you are in a powerful, captivating way. This page or section will be the deciding factor on whether or not the reader in question will continue to dive into your media kit or not.

We’d typically advise you to see this as an opportunity to write a pitch letter. Why should they care about what’s inside your media kit? What makes you different? What makes you worth your time? What is your mission, goals, and objectives? However you choose to format it, you need to include:

  • Who You Are (Elevator pitch)
  • What You Do
  • What Sets You Apart
  • Your Contact Information (You’re available for follow-up questions/ interviews)

2. Information on the Company

Give context to your company and your team culture. This could include the story of your business’ history, a company profile, as well as profiles of your chief officers, senior management and ownership. If appropriate, include bio sheets (Investors typically want to see these). Many who want to read your media kit are going to want to see the team behind your brand, so make sure to tell the whole story!

3. Product and Service Information

What are the products or services you offer? Don’t omit high-quality photography in this section, if relevant, as it more clearly communicates these offerings. Include product fact sheets or brochures to add deeper value in this section. You’ll also want to include testimonials, product reviews or performance reviews to establish outside credibility. So, reach out to your best clients and/or customers and get feedback and praise that you can include.

4. Recent Press Publications and Articles

Regardless of who is reading your media kit, including media coverage of your company, products, or brand in your media kit is crucial to establishing credibility. This could be articles, videos, radio or TV interviews, speeches, etc. Depending on the extent of coverage, you may want to pull quotes and highlights from the articles to avoid this section becoming too dense. Don’t forget to include logos for each publication or news source. Don’t have any coverage yet? Keep reading and we’ll speak to this more below.

5. Press Releases

Press releases are any statement, news, or multimedia shared by your company. Including your press releases gives more context to your accomplishments and involvement in the industry from your own perspective. Oftentimes, these releases are the foundation for additional media coverage.

6. Sample News Story

Invest in writing a great sample news story about your business. This is your chance to influence whoever may be reading your media kit about how to write about you and your brand. Some editors will even print it verbatim, as they view ready-to-print articles as an easy way to fill up space with little effort on their part. However, be advised that they usually edit these stories, so be forewarned.

7. FAQ’s

Play devil’s advocate and include answers to any questions you are frequently asked. This will help the editor determine what questions to ask you in an interview or what to include in the article.

Other Assets to Include

  • Nonprofit and Community-service Involvement
  • Recent Awards
  • Photos (if appropriate)
  • Factual Background Material and/or White Papers
  • Information on Upcoming Promotions and Events
  • Significant Statistics on Your Industry, Demographics and Target Audiences
  • Feature Articles Written by Company Officers or Senior Management
  • Camera-ready Logo Art
  • An Order Form (if appropriate)

Financial Statements (For Investors)

Since many media kits are put together for investors, any news related to the industry, financial statements or any other investor-related news is very appropriate for the press kit.

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