The Top Cannabis Conferences to Attend

Whether you are a novice or an expert, cannabis events remain the most invaluable way to stay informed. Additionally, these events help form bonds in an industry that is restricted from being fully visible. For those who want to know more about the plant, but have nowhere to start, cannabis conferences bring an accessible way to figure it out.

The Benefits of Attending Cannabis Events

Cannabis conferences and events make it easier to educate because of arbitrary rules that make it impossible to do so online. They also provide a safe space to ask questions around like-minded individuals without fear of losing your livelihood or custody. With all the booths and speakers, even the most inexperienced can become intermediate after a few events.

Cannabis conference, cannabis events, marijuana conferences, marijuana events, cannabis networkingFurthermore, these events provide an incredible opportunity to network with others. Even if you aren’t sure of a career in cannabis, you will find that the possibilities are endless. Start with a smaller event if you’re unsure, and progress when you feel comfortable.

Seven Cannabis Conferences Worth the Flight

    1. Women of Cannabis Conference: This new event brings all the women in cannabis together and takes place on November 13th in Las Vegas. An all-day event showcasing speakers like Wanda James and Larisa Bolivar, this conference presents a special networking and learning opportunity.
    1. MJBizCon: Marijuana Business Convention, or MJBizCon, is the industry’s biggest networking conference, and is MJBizDaily’s flagship event. From November 14-16, over 20,000 cannabis industry professionals will gather in Las Vegas for panels, workshops, classes, and hundreds of networking opportunities. There are a ton of options for conference attendees, with a selection of unmissable occasions to learn and network.
    1. MJBizCon INT’L: Set in Toronto, over 78 speakers will be at this cannabis event, and thousands of cannabis business will be in attendance.
    1. MJBizCon Next: This two-day conference in New Orleans has dozens of speakers, along with a simultaneous event called the Hemp Industry Daily Conference. Taking place in June of 2019, this educational event is full of experts in cultivating, processing and selling wholesale hemp.
    1. Hall of Flowers: A business to business cannabis event featuring a curated list of industry folks. Created with the intention of having premium products showcased, this opportunity allows for new business to be conducted at the conference.
    1. New West Summit: Not only does this event offer limitless networking opportunities, it boasts some big speakers. With names like Ricki Lake and Krishna Andavalu, there is no shortage of good speeches to attend. Additionally, there is a pitch slam day and a career fair day.
  1. NCIA Cannabis Industry Lobby Days: The NCIA will be hosting the 9th annual Lobby Days in Washington, D.C. in May. Industry insiders and novices alike gather to forge a relationship with the most engaged politicians.

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