64% of consumers say that shared values are the main reason that they have a trusted relationship with a brand. Your brand message and image conveys not just your products or services, but the values of your organization. Whether it’s community, quality, or sustainability, make sure that your values are clear to your target audience.

  • Brand Story
  • Mission Statement
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Consumer
  • Tone of Voice
  • Competitive Landscape

Our Process

The backbone of any great brand is a story. At Wick & Mortar, we strive to build brands that look and feel authentic in their relative market while establishing a strong strategic foundation for those brands to grow on. 42% of consumers say they distrust brands. Whether it’s poor customer service, a faulty product, or not delivering on expectations, many consumers are skeptical of what brands say they value or offer. Don’t fall into this category, make sure you have a clear, concise brand message and that you deliver on everything that you promise.

Brand Story

Your brand is the promise that you make to your customers, and the backbone of any great brand is a story. With the rise of influencers and bloggers, we’ve arrived to a bright and shining new era of marketing; customers love to feel that they aren’t just using a brand – they’re engaged with the bigger picture. Brands that are tied to a cause are selling like hot cakes, and there’s a clear reason for that. Storytelling is not just a conversion strategy; It evokes raw emotion for the customer. A good brand story will allow your customer to learn more about you. A great brand story will do that and more.

Mission Statement

It is crucial that businesses big and small have a written mission statement. A mission statement provides clarity in the direction of your company’s long-term goals and decision-making. This promotes transparency not only with your customers but internally as well. We pride ourselves in creating accurate, intuitive and unique mission statements for every brand we work with.

Brand Positioning

When it comes to brand design, we have spent almost a decade honing our expertise through real-world experience. Effective brand positioning gives your brand real estate in the minds of a targeted audience. It allows an organization to stand out by emphasizing a strategic quality. To call out a specialty (product or service) within the cannabis industry that is unique to our client is to set them apart from their competitors. It adds fire to the creative flame by driving product development. Focused, clear positioning is a necessity, especially in a market as competitive as cannabis.

Brand Consumer

Our team is focused on what it takes to build and tend to a loyal brand following. We craft an identity that grabs the right customer’s attention and holds on tight. Audience-intuitive strategies target parties whom have been determined as more likely to convert. The services or product offered are speaking to a need or desire they have expressed digitally, or inherently may need due to the nature of their business or goals.
A defined audience create clarity in the direction of content creation, and therefore allows for more playful and innovative creative.
Understanding our target market also provides additional insight on which marketing conduits provide the most bang for our buck. When we know the most effective purchases in respect to ROI, your marketing dollars are spent with the utmost efficiency.
Cannabis in itself is niche, but as we’re learning more and more every year – cannabis consumers and professionals vary to an exhausting degree. Corporate or casual, sophisticated or simple; let us find your niche within cannabis.

Tone of Voice

Wick & Mortar will consider many aspects of Part 1 in brand strategy to give life to a tone of voice unique to your brand’s identity and story. Tone of voice is defined by how a brand would like to express itself. Are you the innovative and sustainable cannabis grow? An authority on cannabis laws and regulations? The friendly neighborhood weed retailer? If we imagined each of these brand personalities as people, they would each have a tailored tone of voice. These tones are developed with levels of formality, candor and sentiment to build trust with the market you will be targeting.

Competitive Landscape

Competitive landscape is about knowing who your competitors are, what they offer, their strengths & weaknesses so your brand can position and operate accordingly in the market to ensure success. It allows a brand to identify market opportunities in their state.