Cannabis advertising is a delicate walk between consumer exposure and legal compliance. Let us get your brand in front of the ideal target market with tailored and impactful approaches.

  • Strategy
  • Print
  • Growth
  • Campaigns

Our Process

Wick & Mortar’s senior team brings in decades of marketing experience to help your brand establish itself with your ideal customer market. Our relationships and techniques are ROI focused and test across multiple marketing channels. We start by understanding your short and long term objectives and create a strategy and gameplan to ensure you meet or exceed your goals for today and tomorrow. Every advertising campaign is carefully considered and measured to provide you actionable feedback to create the largest impact and provide consumers meaningful engagement with your brand.


A solid understanding of your goals and objectives is always the first priority of any marketing campaign. At Wick & Mortar we have seen every strategy you can imagine, and have helped lead some of the most prominent cannabis brands in the world into the spotlight. We start by getting to know you, your company, and the objectives and milestones ahead of your brand.


Print advertising is alive and well, especially within the cannabis industry. We offer and maintain long standing relationships with the most well known print and magazine companies in the cannabis world. We work with you to create beautiful, meaningful, and engaging advertisements that will be seen by millions of your target audience.


When the goal is to grow your audience, there are a few tried and tested methods for cannabis companies. Through a combination of great content, quality social media channels, and established industry influencers, we will oversee and generate a consistent growth strategy for your brand. Find new consumers and control important markets with a digital strategy designed to increase your brand’s impact.


When you think of display advertising, do you immediately think of that annoying flashing banner on your right sidebar? Well, thankfully, when you work with us, that’s not what you’re signing up for – We don’t design weed ads. We design engaging ad campaigns that help amplify your other marketing efforts.