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6 Things Your Retail Website Desperately Needs.

Are you over 21?

This is a stupid simple one. Washington and Colorado state law requires this much. This will likely be roughly the same for the states looking to legalize cannabis in January. We’re looking at you, California.


Easy to Navigate Map & CTA

Most retailers are content to display only their address, or (even worse) a static image of their location on a map. While it’s difficult to track in store conversions from your website – basic common sense tells us the easier it is to get there, the more traffic you will receive.


For this reason we suggest not only displaying an interactive map and address, but ALSO including a button to immediately navigate to the store on mobile devices.


Product Menu

There is a lot to consider when tossing a menu into your store’s website.

  1. Will you have time to update it?
  2. Can you keep up with custom photography?
  3. What is your monthly budget for the site?


If you have the time to update your menu (including descriptions and photography) you’ll see much higher levels of engagement with your users. However, if you’re lacking these – APIs such as Leafly’s or Grassworks Digital are a good bet depending on your budget.


It takes time and resources to write posts consistently (trust us, we know). At the end of the day you’ll not only be ranking higher in search engines, but be building your brand and positioning yourself as an industry expert. Try to find time to post around 3 articles a week as this will massively improve the traffic to your site – and ultimately your storefront.


Value Proposition (Story)

No, it won’t write itself. And yes, it will help your business grow. Value propositions are a short summation of the solution your company provides, and why the potential customer should get it from you.


Not only will this immediately convey your message to your users, but will help you define who you are as a brand and why the market should pay attention to YOU.


Learn how to effectively write a value proposition.


Google Analytics

Why? Because numbers matter. Setting up Google Analytics (or similar software) will allow you to see what’s working, and what’s not. It allows you to connect with your users (and customers) by inferring their feelings based on the actions they take on your website.


People are jumping off your page as soon as they arrive? Okay, better test a new structure and CTA above the fold.


It’s high time you start treating your website as your online storefront – with customer service to boot. After all, they are your potential customers and fans, right?

Let’s Make Some Work